Friday, November 2, 2012

A Teen Halloween Party

Miss B had another birthday.  It was in October.  She wanted a Halloween party since we have never done one.  We had a delightful time brainstorming food items.  She really wanted Muddy Buddies, hot cocoa and apple cider.  I wanted skeleton brownies and donut acorns.  I let her do the decorating and food presentation, and I think she did a great job.  I did the cooking.  It was a nice team effort.

We made edible acorns out of donut holes, Nutella, toffee bits and pretzel sticks,

candy skeletons laid to rest in brownie graves,

Muddy Buddies with Reese's Pieces and then cupcakes with candy skulls/hands.  We made a haunted house birthday cake, but it was a total, TOTAL disaster (so we bagged that idea).  And then we set out lots of candy, chocolate graham crackers and royal icing for the girls to make haunted houses.  I made calzones for dinner too.  And I have decided that 1) I need a party break and 2) I will buy the party food next time.  Or at least the majority of it.  Sheesh.  Miss B and I spent hours making food and cleaning and setting up for the party.  One whole entire Saturday.  And then it doesn't even look like we made that much in the end.  Oh well.  They all had fun and were very well-behaved.  They sat outside on the patio and chatted, nibbled on food (they do not consume food like boys...they seriously nibble), laughed and listened to music. 

We also made potions and poisons in various bottles.  'Twas a grand time.

We set up a little photo booth for the girls.  Miss B had fun trying it out.  Mr. C jumped in on his way to a costume party.

Miss B decorated with mason jars, tea lights and pumpkins.  It looked marvelous.

And just like that, I had a teenager.

What a good girl she is turning out to be.  We had a bit of a rocky year last year.  I think hormones were scheming some evil plot or another and then *poof*... one day my girl was back, only more mature, thoughtful, wise and helpful.  And I really don't know what in the world happened.  That's not to say she is a perfect angel, because who is really, but she is growing up wonderfully...and honestly, I was a little worried there for awhile.  Stinking hormones.

Also, she wanted money for her birthday.  Seriously.  Where is the fun in that?  We gave her a couple of clocks anyway because she's on a clock kick lately.  I also found thee cutest Frankenstein Sock Monkey.  She loved it.  Mr. C gave her a very creative and thoughtful gift.  He pulled her to and from piano lessons in a wagon.  Cracked me up.  She sat there, munching on a birthday brownie and playing on her iPod touch...all the while shouting encouragements..  I am sure she enjoyed her leisurely ride immensely.  So funny.


  1. I'm going to have to steal that edible acorn idea from you for Jared's birthday party next year. I spent 3 HOURS on his train cake, and although I loved it, I was completely and totally knackered by the time I got through with it and cleaned up the kitchen (with a TON of help from Brian). Sheesh! I'm getting tired just thinking about it! Things take WAY longer than they should. All in the name of fun and good times, ya know?!

  2. What a fun party! I loved that Christian pulled her to piano lessons, those kids crack me up!

  3. Okay Christian is a genius. That guy is going to make some cute girl very happy one day (a looong time from now).

  4. How do they grow up so quick, I was just looking at pictures of the girls all together with chubby little cheeks still. Gosh Happy Birthday Miss B, the party food all looks great and what a great idea from C.

  5. Erika, this post freaks me out! I haven't been on your blog in a couple of years, and bam! Your kids are so big!!!! Hope things are great on that side of town. Sadly, we're back in the valley...the Gilbert side by family at least this time, but I'm NOT a city girl, hopefully it doesn't last long again. haha.


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