Friday, November 30, 2012

Hunt for the Perfect Tree

We were able to hunt for a tree again this year.  My sister, mother-in-law and some nieces and nephew joined us.  It is one of our family's favorite things to do.  We love to play in the snow, hunt for the perfect tree and eat a picnic of Thanksgiving leftovers.  Most years it has been freeeeezing and my toes freeze and so does my nose and the kids hands are icicles and so this year we were PREPARED.  We each had fancy wool socks and nice thermals and good coats and hats and everything.  And then it wasn't even that cold and we were shedding layers. You just never can tell.  

Poor Q couldn't walk (from his trampoline injury) and so someone had to hold him at all times, or keep him propped up.  He was so super frustrated.  I would set him on logs surrounded in snow so he could make snowballs, or just watch the kids, etc.  By the end, he was crying and just wanted to go home.  I think he couldn't stand not being able to run around like he usually can.

The other kids had fun frolicking, making snow beds, helping younger cousins and making (and throwing) snowballs.  Dear dad marched ahead of the gang looking for the most perfect tree.  He found a stunner for sure.  I shall show you pictures of her in all her decorated glory.  But in another post.


  1. Looks like another fun tree hunting adventure! I love all the beanies and furry coats! Can't wait to see the tree all decorated :O)

  2. Lou, your life seems so magical... *sigh*

  3. You always do find the perfect tree! They're always so beautiful. My favorite one was pbly the first one you had in AZ. Wasn't it ginormously talk & L had to take of a Tom of the bottom? Then we found out we had matching stars & ribbon. We're so cool. ;)


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