Friday, November 9, 2012

On Shopping and Broken Phones

Miss B and I went shopping to spend her birthday money.

It was fun.  And crazy.  And crazy fun.

We first hit Plato's Closet where I scored a few fine items, then headed to the mall and ran by the Apple store to check out the speaker problem on my new iPhone.  They told us to come back later as they were swamped.  So we meandered over to Wet Seal to spend a $25 gift card.  After much digging, Miss B ended up getting two shirts (pretty lacy ones too...I'm so excited), a pair of $.55 sunglasses for each of us, a charm bracelet and a simple gray zip-up hoodie.  And then we congratulated each other for a job well done. *pat pat*

Next we headed back to Apple, where they proceeded to troubleshoot my phone and finally (after a long wait), decided to just replace it...which was cool, but then I didn't have a phone.  And we were at the mall, and I hadn't warned my hubby that I would have no phone.  And I had to go to the Sprint store to get it turned back on.  Miss B wanted to run by Forever 21 on the way out, but I was panicked that Sprint would close, so we grabbed a few necklaces and some lip gloss and headed out (after we paid for them of course).  We zipped over to Sprint and I was feeling at a loss with no phone and I felt vulnerable and lonely and friendless and just plain weird and was hoping desperately that they had not closed.  Luckily, we made it in time and after more and more waiting and red tape and trading of information, I was finally live and connected with the internet and all other cellular activity, which was awesome because I was feeling very strange and helpless indeed. What has become of us?  Remember when there wasn't such a thing as a cell phone?  Weird.  Our kids won't even know the meaning of such a thing.  Or phone booths.

After a call to the hubby and a colossal sigh of relief, we hit Taco Bell for a quick bite on our way home.  That's when  I noticed I had no debit card (scratch the sigh of relief).  Miss B and I frantically searched my purse with no luck and then called Forever 21 where, sure enough, they had my card.  Luckily we hadn't left the vicinity of the mall area, so we ran over and picked it up.  Then finally we drove home, carefree and happy with a new phone equipped with working speakers, a few fancy purchases and my debit card securely in my wallet.  We rolled down the windows to feel the beautiful night breeze (or at least I did, because the passenger window doesn't work), turned up the radio and sang along to a bunch of great songs, namely, "Eye of the Tiger" and "I Will Always Love You".  Miss B loves her some Whitney Houston.  We sang (although it probably sounded more like hideous screeching) at the top of our lungs.  And laughed and laughed.  It was good times.

 "And I-eee-I, will al-ways LOVE you...hoooo. I will alwaaays lohuhuve youhoooooo....."


  1. Good memory. Feel like I was there. That's what builds are life's the small everyday things add up to make it fantastic.

  2. I would have loved to see you sing at the top of your lungs! Fun, fun. So glad you're having with with Miss B and that all is well. ;)


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