Tuesday, December 11, 2012

All I Want For Christmas

So I thought I'd finally post my Christmas tree photos.  Also I got a wild and crazy hair directly after I put up the tree and wanted to paint the fireplace wall that used to be (past tense) robin egg blue.  And then I talked myself out of it and said, "No, you're absolutely nuts.  That blue wall will be fine until January...don't add to the stress of the season.  Just chill."  And then a week later I painted it anyway.  I sent the three big kids to school, took down the curtains, prepped and scooted the tree out.  Then Q and I painted and finished exactly three minutes before they got out of school.  And I am so excited about it.  I liked the blue, but it was time to tone it down and warm it up.  It made the fireplace pop and now I need white blinds.  So yes, I guess I am nuts.  But now it's painted for Christmas.  *squeal*  And my friend made me some fabulous new stockings this year. They turned out very fancy and they are an update from the country-ish ones we have had for the last twelve or so years.  They look quite festive with the white fireplace and the new wall color.

The Christmas decorating was as hectic and chaotic as it is every year, except no one did their chores ahead of time and the house was messy and so I threw a mom fit and sat on the couch pouting and said, "Fine.  We won't decorate the tree then.  Hmmph.  Everyone can go to bed.  I am not in the mood anymore."  And then they were all sad and made sad/we're sorry faces at me and finally the hubby and the faces coaxed me into it.  Begrudgingly.  And then we only had two working strands of lights.  So hero-dad went and bought lots more and finally things turned around with hot cocoas for everyone, working lights, Christmas music and discovering well-loved ornaments once again. 

I finally bought felted wool balls to make a garland with this year (I wanted to last year and never got around to it).  They are still awaiting stringing, but they look festive wherever they are piled, so that's cool. And it will probably take me another year to string them.  Baby steps.

I bought this super delightful little real Christmas tree at Trader Joe's and I think I have already killed it.  Grr.  I have thee most blackest of black thumbs.  I tried hard to keep it watered enough, but I guess I didn't because it is now delightfully crispy.

Also, Dennis made all of my Christmas dreams come true when he lost his second front tooth in class on Sunday.  Yes.  I begged and hoped and pleaded that he would lose both before Christmas, after he lost the first one a few weeks ago and now my wish has been granted.  I made him sing me the song last night.  It was a perfectly lispy rendition.  "All I want for Chrithmuth ith my two front teeth...."

And I made new silhouettes of the kiddies this year.  The last time I made them was in 2009 so it was high time for an update.  Then I put them in descending order because it's so fun.  Aren't they cute kiddies?  I think so too.  Silhouettes crack me up.  It's so funny to see everyone's different face shapes.

Now I shall leave you with Q's Christmas list:

*A Captain America suit
*A pair of binoculars
*A picture of himself
and AND
*His very own pet baby elephant complete with food (he asked if we could look at them at the pet store, but sadly they were clean out of elephants when we went).


  1. Lou, you have got to be one of THE MOST talented writers on the planet. I wish you would just write book after book after book for me to read. Of course, then I'd never get a bit of work done. But who cares, right?! Work is for SUCKERS. And I'm loving your newly painted wall. I'm a warmer-colored preferrer for home decor. It just cozies up the room, ya know?

    I hope Q gets that elephant. The blog/book's plot would REALLY thicken then. >:~D

  2. Everything looks great and wow Q & B look the most changed in those shilouettes. Fun. I want a baby elephant too. Oh and my kids are BEGGING me for a bird now. Thanks B! ;)

  3. Your wall looks great! Your fireplace stands out really well now. Ya, I got a crazy idea last week and the next thing I knew....I was trading the girls room with the big huge room. I traded bunk beds through the bedroom window, painted the girls old room, traded everything. It took eleven and a half hours one day but I was so happy! Love our spontaneous way. Cheers!! :)

  4. You are crazy! I would have done the very same thing!Love that wall color> You're awesome!


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