Sunday, December 23, 2012

Dragons, Black Swans and Goats

We had a quick zoo visit the other day.  It was very nice.  We moseyed and meandered.  The weather was divine.  We saw animals and had a good time, except for Q who was inexplicably ornery.  At one point he turned and yelled out, "Would you STOP FOLLOWING ME!!"  As if we were strange creeps following him around the zoo and he should be able (at four years of age) to navigate a giant zoo all on his lonesome.  He eventually snapped out of it, which was fabulous because sometimes you get sick and tired of four-year old tantrums that make no sense at all.

Favorite animals included the Andean bear, jaguar, bald eagle, barn owls, ocelot, black swan, Komodo dragon and elephant.  The Komodo dragon statue was another huge hit.  Oh and the petting zoo.  Q changed his views on goat interaction when offered a goat brush.  The brush allowed him to enjoy the goats without the slime involved when feeding them.  He was a fan.  He murmured softly to the goats, " Awww. Does that feel good?" To which apparently they answered him in the affirmative. I guess now he speaks goat.

Last night the hubby and I hit the store for some groceries and last minute Christmas-type candies, only to be greeted by walls of Valentine sweets and only a measly smattering of the red and green kind.  So.  We missed Christmas I guess.  Before it even got here.  We happened to scrounge up a few candy canes and some other stuff.  Phew.  Other than that, I've got things pretty much wrapped up.  Literally.  I think I have completed about 97% of all wrapping responsibilities with only just a few stragglers left. Which is very nice.  

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  1. Lou at the Zoo. And what's with Valentine's day coming BEFORE Christmas??!!! DUDE!!! >:(


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