Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Big Day and a Little Lesson

On Saturday, we visited the Mesa Temple and ooohed and ahhhed over the light display and nativity.  It was  a cold (for us) evening and we enjoyed wearing jackets and looking at the lights, even though there were billions of other people milling about.  We asked Q why we celebrated Christmas and he said "Because everyone likes presents."  My hubby asked him whose birthday it was, to which Q replied, "Mom's!" (I had one recently).  So apparently we somehow missed that teaching responsibility with Number Four and have since remedied the oversight.  Whoops.

Christmas Eve was a quiet affair.  Dear ol' Dad had to work for much of the day, so the kiddies and I spent it in preparations, cleaning and etc.  We finally decided to get out of the house and enjoy the park for a bit.  While at the park, we noticed a lot of trash and so decided to straighten the park up a little.  And it was so fun.  For all of us.  We found a shoe even.  And I only mention it because I was a tad grumpy that day and it really helped bring things into focus for me.  About how it isn't all about the perfectly wrapped gifts and sparkling clean house, but about teaching my children to look beyond themselves.  It was a fabulous experience and took very little of our time.  Every year I wait for that moment when the Christmas spirit hits you right between the eyes, and this was definitely one of them.

Later we met Dad at the movies (Rise of the Guardians) and then headed home for our traditional clam chowder dinner, made cookies, enjoyed reading the Christmas story from the scriptures, watched a finger puppet nativity production by Q and Dennis, drank eggnog, made paper snowflakes and finally sent the wild kidlets to bed.

Santa showed up sometime that night and brought Razor scooters for the two big kids (their previous ones were both stolen) and Pillow Pets for the little boys.  'Twas a huge hit.  We unwrapped gifts and made a giant mess and spent the day playing and eating and relaxing.  We got Q a bike because the poor kid has been riding a trike for years and with his size, he is starting to resemble a circus clown.  It was definitely time for an upgrade.  Some other favorites included Q's Captain America suit and pair of binoculars, the crystal Mr. C got from Dennis and Dennis' art set and ninja nesting dolls (hubby's not sure we should say we got him dolls...).  Miss B and Mr. C inherited a camera and iPod touch (respectively) from dear ol' Dad and were pleased as punch.  I received a beautiful little nativity nesting doll set, galoshes and new white blinds.  Yes!  Dad got his usual calendar filled with family pics, and a pocket survival kit for his fishing trips.  Miss B fell in love with the pot holder weaving kit that Q gave her and spent the afternoon weaving colorful pot holders.  Who knew?!


  1. Yay for the white blinds! They look great. Sounds like a great time with your family and it's always fun to see all the kiddos happy.

  2. I LOVE the nesting dolls (both sets). Also, Mr C's crystal. I might have to find out where you got that. (Tatum)


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