Monday, January 28, 2013

The Day My Four Year Old Outsmarted Me

Here's how it went.  We were walking back to the car after visiting the kids' school... his little hand swinging in my own.  I was feeling nostalgic and was hit with a sense of panic as all my babies are growing up.  That's when I blurted out my feelings.

Me:  So buddy, you're my baby right?

Q:  Well, if I'm your baby, then I guess I don't have to do chores anymore.  Because babies can't do jobs.

Me:  *gulp*   Uh.  *back pedal*  No.  It's fine. You're not a baby.  You ARE a big boy.  And you have to do chores.

Q:  No you said I was your baby.  No more chores for me!

Me:  I was kidding.  *nervous giggle*  You're such a big boy and a big helper.

Bested by a four year old's quick wit.  Goodness.  I've gotta be more careful.  They smell weakness.

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  1. Lou, you're gonna have to step up your game yet again!!! This kid just may follow in your husband's law footsteps... ;~)


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