Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Fortunes and Pink Pancakes

This year I was not very prepared for Valentine's Day.  But on the eve of the lovely holiday, I straightened the kitchen and dug out what I could in the way of decorations.  I had some oranges and flowers and pulled out some other what-nots and doodads and piled them all on the table.  And it didn't turn out half bad for a slap-dash and haphazard effort.  The kiddies even and actually exclaimed with plenty of oohs and ahhs, which totally made my day.

I promise that I took pictures of the other kiddies (all of them gathered together in fact), but Miss B made me promise on everything I hold dear that I wouldn't post the photos of her wet head and mascara-less face.  So you will have to make do with cutie Q.

We made lemon mini donuts from a pan I got for my birthday.  They are absolutely minuscule.   I displayed them on a saucer, they are so tiny.  But the perfect bite-sized treat.

For cards this year, I *thought* we only had to worry about the younger two.  In actuality Mr. C ended up needing some as well, but we ran into some problems with time/printing and he brought Fun Dips instead.

But for Q, who is deeply infatuated with Blues Clues, we decided a mailbox would be very fitting.  I had dreams of a working paper mailbox complete with movable flag.  And whatdyaknow...Martha had the exact same dream.  Which was awesome, because that was a blessed time-saver and then I only had to make the postcard to slip inside.

Q personalized the backs with original artwork.

Somehow Dennis and I decided on a car theme for his Valentine's.  I had to jump on the chalkboard bandwagon this year.  It is all the craze you know.  And then, speaking of crazy, I stumbled upon some adorable candy cars and in a moment of optimistic insanity...I thought it would be no problem at all to whip up TWENTY TWO cars complete with wheels and windshields.  I could have done license plates, but that would have sent me right over the edge probably.  Luckily Dennis stuck by my side and cut out every last windshield and tied on all of the cards to the rear axles of the little automobiles.

For dinner we had sushi, pot stickers and Sesame Noodles.  And then there were personalized fortune cookies for dessert.  Yes personalized.  What you do, is take a regular fortune cookie and wrap it in a damp (and clean) cloth.  Microwave it for 30-60 seconds, depending on your microwave and how damp your cloth is.  It should then magically unfold enough for you to grab the old fortune, trade it for your own and then reform the cookie back to its original shape.  Which you must do with ninja speed and delicacy before it hardens again. It's actually pretty much the coolest.  Dennis read his and his eyeballs got giant like saucers with the most amazed/befuddled look you have ever seen.  It was so fun.

My Valentine spoiled me with my favorite raspberry candies, a gooey love letter with our engagement photo on the front, a rose, some sugar cookies and a lunch date where I had a delightful caprese panini and the most beautiful and delicious lemon torte.  He also redid a coffee table that I've been waiting to give a makeover to.  He sanded, fixed leg heights and built a new top.  It is so beautiful and almost complete.  I will premier its fabulousness shortly.  I gave him my own gooey letter in return and a couple of trinkets including our initials carved into a block of wood.  Pretty cheesy...but that's what I love about this holiday.

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  1. I love your Valentine's every year!

    I borrowed your wordsearch idea for my daughter. http://meandmyinsanity.com/2013/02/five-creative-school-valentines.html

    And the breakfast looks amazing! All you need is some stripey straws and a banner, and it is a special occasion!


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