Monday, February 25, 2013

Things To Do At the Beach

Make sandcastles and generally dig in the sand

Frolic in the sand and shore


Smile for the camera

Watch dolphins playing in the surf (seriously it was the coolest)

Chase waves and gather rocks

Enjoy the splendor

Have a spontaneous mother vs daughter race on the beach (the mother won)

Stand in a circle with all the womenfolk to talk and laugh with much animation

It was such fun to hang out in San Diego with family and friends...a very quick but memorable trip.

Things to remember for our next beach trip:

The kids WILL get fully and completely soaked no matter the temperature or lack of clothing changes
Bring extra towels and even more sand toys
You can never take too many pictures
Bury someone in the sand (minus their head of course)
Have a treasure hunt
A picnic or bonfire would be fun 
And colorful clothes make for great beach photos

1 comment:

  1. Love the beach trip tips. :) And dolphins...??? Oh, Lou. I wish I had been there...


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