Wednesday, March 27, 2013

DIY Spoon Stamping

I got into a silver stamping kick lately.  So I thought I'd show you the inexpensive, quick way I did it.  

All you need is a metal stamping set, a nice hammer (you don't have to use a huge mallet like I did, but it has a nice flat head so it doesn't ruin my stamps), and some silver plated utensils.  I bought the Pittsburgh 1/8" stamping set from Harbor Freight.  It was on sale for $8.99.  We have a Harbor Freight by me, so I just picked up a set, quick as a flash.  Then I ran to a few thrift stores looking for silver plated spoons.  That was actually the hardest part.  

Once you have all your supplies, you set up a workstation.  I chose the cement patio because I don't mind if a couple of marks get left behind.  Then.  Before you do ANYTHING else.  Practice.  Use a penny or something.  A penny is softer than the silver but it will give you an idea of how hard to hammer the stamp and how to hold it, etc.  I usually give each stamp 2-3 good whacks.  Once you have a good feel for things, have at it.  

A few tips:  You can measure and mark where you want your letters to be (I am the impatient sort, so I just eye-ball it).  Make sure to hold the stamp quite firm.  If you hesitate, you'll get a double image.  Also, triple check the placement of your stamp so it's right side up and pointing the right way.  Trust me.  Or you might run into a little bad luck.  Literally.  Ha.

To darken the letters after stamping, draw over the lines with a magic marker and then rub off the excess.  I'm not sure if it's food safe with the marker, so keep that in mind.  Happy stamping!

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  1. Looks easy but I'm sure it isn't :O) I love the "Yum" spoon!


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