Monday, March 18, 2013

Spring Break And Stitches

For Spring Break Dennis got hit in the head with a boomerang and we went to Knott's Berry Farm.  And no, it was not his own boomerang that clocked him in the noggin.  That would have made for one awesome story, though.  In actuality, he and his friend were tossing boomerangs around at the park and all of a sudden, Mr. C came running frantically to me yelling that Dennis was hurt.  I calmly moseyed over, ready to kiss a scrape, etc. only to find blood covering Dennis' head and hands.  Apparently a rogue boomerang knocked him in the eyebrow and left a nasty gash. We cleaned him up though and after a four hour Urgent Care wait, he was all stitched up (two stitches to be exact) and bandaged.  He was very worried about getting stitches but never budged and was supremely brave at the moment of truth.

The very next day, we woke up bright and early (4 am) and headed out on our five hour drive to California for a day trip.  We made it to Knott's Berry Farm just as it was opening and enjoyed our premier experience.  The big kids loved the big "coasters" and Q thought he was in heaven with all Camp Snoopy had to offer.  He was sure every ride was his most favorite...until the next ride. 

For lunch, we feasted (literally) on a bucket of fried chicken with biscuits, cherry rhubarb and mashed potatoes and gravy.  We also purchased boysenberry butter (which of course was to die for) and a boysenberry pie.  Q was a little hesitant to try the "poison" pie, but decided it was fine after all.  After stuffing ourselves properly and stashing the leftovers in the cooler, we headed back for the last half of the day.

Q was EXTREMELY reluctant to leave.  He loved, LOVED Sidewinder.  It is a zippy roller coaster with spinning cars that cruise along the track at break-neck speeds, spinning all the while.  It was a little much for this car-sick prone mother of four, but Q rode it again and again and again.  He rode it as many times as he could convince his doting father to take him.  I took him for one last ride as the park was closing and he was all smiles (as much as he could smile through sheer g-force) until we slowed to a stop... at which point, his face immediately fell and turned into a complete pout.  He then complained and cried and whined all the way back to the van until he fell asleep one mile down the road.  Apparently he was all tuckered out.  Also, us parents decided we are old and no good at spinning, twirling rides.  We were both a little woozy, but made it home at around 1:30 am.  What a day.  It was crazy, but I absolutely and thoroughly enjoyed not having to pack/unpack.  Gloriousness.


  1. Lou. You are THE MOST amazing mom in the whole world. Period. Actually, it's more of an EXCLAMATION POINT! :) You amaze me.

  2. Looks fun. Love those long and crazy days

  3. Sounds like fun, we have never been to Knotts, but have wanted to for a while.


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