Thursday, April 4, 2013

Bread Boards And Big Plans

I had HUGE plans for Easter Sunday.  I ordered mini bread boards for each family member from here.  I had them stamped with a one-word description for each person and they turned out so fabulous.  I found the tiniest baskets for the kids' table settings and filled them with jelly bean eggs and sat them next to tiny trees.  The menu was planned and prepped.  Then everyone got so so sick.  There were aches, fevers, chills, sore throats, coughs and extreme fatigue.  Only Miss B and Dad made it to church.  I went for the last bit to see one of the young women I taught return home from a mission.  So there were no cute Easter outfits for church.  We could barely manage to pull dinner together a little at a time.  We also dyed Easter eggs because we hadn't gotten around to that tradition yet.  So ever so slowly we accomplished it all (which in retrospect was extremely amazing), but it was quite the effort and no one really even wanted to eat anything but the mini loaves for dinner.  But that's okay because they were so tasty and beautiful.  I made them with this recipe.  It is a fabulous and easy artisan bread recipe that I use all of the time for many different purposes, from calzones to hot dog buns.

While we nibbled on bread/butter, we discussed how Jesus is the Bread of Life and how we should remember him, especially at this time of year.  We also talked about each person's talents and the word inscribed on their board and how they could follow Christ by developing and strengthening that attribute.  I hope it went over well and that it sticks to their young minds.  I've been planning it for weeks.  Mr. C was feverish and eventually had to leave to pass out on the couch, so it wasn't ideal per se, but it rarely ever is.  It's the moments that matter.  So hopefully at least some smidgen of a wonderful teaching moment planted itself in my children's minds.

Also don't let these pictures fool you.  The house was absolutely and horrifically trashed from top to bottom. It's amazing just how nasty things can get when no one feels good and no one (namely me) is keeping up on all the clutter-removal duties and counter washing responsibilities.  Ugh.  I'm trying desperately to catch up.


  1. I remember that talk. It was awesome. Such a good mom! Feeling yucky is the pits. Hope you all feel better soon.

  2. Well, that looks perfectly amazing and is also perfectly fitting for Easter and springtime! WOW. I was also sick off my rear end last weekend - food poisoning - and the house went to crap, and I couldn't care! So I feel for ya, girl.

  3. Oh my word what an amazing idea. I am absolutely stealing it for next year! You rock!


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