Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter Saturday

For Easter Saturday, we headed to Badger Springs for a new adventure.  It was a beautifully overcast day with glorious weather.  We found a delightful little oasis of water and green trees.   Q immediately walked straight into the river... shoes, socks, pants and all.  He seems to be completely oblivious of minor inconveniences like soggy socks and shoes.  After making sure his wet foot wear was removed, Dad gave lessons on rock-skipping, the kids waded, frolicked and climbed on river rocks and I took a bunch of photos.

Poor Mr. C was sick, sick, SICK.  We did not realize how miserable he was, but we helped him down the trail and sat him on a rock.  We had to cut our festivities short due to his general feelings of misery and headed back to the van so he could rest.  While he rested, we all had a picnic in the park (ing lot).  Then we realized the Easter bunny had left a smattering of eggs on the hillside for us and went looking for them.  We even ACTUALLY spotted a sweet little bunny hiding under a bush and hopping away.  So awesome.  After that, we loaded in the van and headed home.  By that evening, we were all feeling more and more under the weather, except for Miss B who had brought it home to all of us for Easter.

It was a challenging hunt with cacti and thorny bushes, which made things a little trickier than usual.  

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  1. This post just reminded me of my one and only egg hunt in the outskirts of Mesa. Those cacti are really mean!

    P.S. Do you mind if I hang your red flower picture on my wall? I think it's perfect to modge podge on a tile. :)


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