Friday, April 12, 2013

Fit For Life

My sister and I were recently discussing how we needed to be better at eating healthy, exercising, reading scriptures, and other activities to generally better ourselves and our families.  After some note-taking and planning, we had a flash of inspiration and drew up a plan and presented it to the whole family as a challenge/competition.  

We listed items we felt most important at the top (they are worth the most points), with extra points available for other items. Not every item has to be accomplished every day, but it's amazing to see how many things you can fit into even the busiest of days, especially when you're motivated to win!  We have been sharing healthy recipes and workout routines and are exchanging uplifting articles and favorite scriptures.  Family members who have never/rarely kept a journal, have started writing in one.  It's been really amazing...personally as well as within families/couples.

Points are tallied weekly and couples participate as a team.  The winning team will be treated to dinner (by the non-winners) during our family reunion this summer.  Miss B and Mr. C were excited about the whole challenge concept and are participating as a team as well.  We don't exercise on Sundays, so those points aren't counted for anyone.  Also in the Extra Credit portion, there are points that can only be earned once per week, such as a Special Family Outing, etc. 

My family has been eating soo much better as one of the many results.  The kids and I have been enjoying more green smoothies (the hubby will take a little more persuasion) or homemade granola and yogurt for breakfast.  I have also rediscovered omelets and have experimented with many different filling options.  Radishes were a surprisingly tasty addition.  I have been cooking healthier dinners and have been keeping more fruits and veggies on hand for the family.  All around it's been such a positive I thought I would share. :)  Click here to download a copy of the challenge...or use it as a template to create a custom one for your own family.  Here's to being more healthy/happy/uplifted/family-oriented!


  1. I love this. I am pregnant and have a tendency to eat and do whatever just to feel like I am getting by.
    But I really don't need so many treats! I feel inspired.

    1. I'm so glad it's inspiring to you! Good luck with your pregnancy!

  2. Maybe I should give up on the idea of adopting and just let YOU adopt ME!!! :~D Ahhh... That's the life right there...

    1. Deal!! You'll be an easy fifth child. You are a great cook/cleaner!


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