Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Tea Party Kit

I had the best idea for my mom for Mother's Day this year. I have been giddy for weeks as I've put it all together.  I combined a few of her favorite things including pretty dishes, floral, books, Jane Austen, and tea parties and put together a Tea Party Kit, housed in a vintage green suitcase.  I added thrifted teacups/saucers, paper doilies, pink paper plates for goodies, a floral tablecloth, and some vintage silver spoons.   

I made a Mother's Day banner from book pages that hangs when the suitcase is open and then slipped recipes, notes from the kids, Jane Austen quotes and a doily/lace banner into the top pocket.

I put my silver stamping to good use again and stamped "I Love Butter" onto a silver butter knife.  My mother and Julia Childs are of one mind when it comes to butter usage.  I also stamped four teaspoons with tea-type words.  If there is such a thing.

I wrapped up a couple of surprises, like a vintage entertaining/cook book and a small journal.

And finally, I tucked some of her favorite herbal teas and two berry baskets into a corner.

Now all she needs to do is add water (plus three friends, a table, a pretty hat and some goodies).  *Sigh*  I think I need to have a tea party.  I shall be searching for my own set of vintage teacups/saucers.

Pinkies up!


  1. "The more butter, the better!" :~D
    This looks PERFECT, Lou! Ahhhh.... The simple pleasures of life, ya know?? Let's do have a tea party again. Just us. K?

    1. We do need another tea party. It was so nice! And I do enjoy simple pleasures!

  2. Oh man, so dang cute! I'm taking the girls to a real tea party in San Fran this summer. They are so excited.

  3. Way cute. I miss out on too much when I don't check your blog. :(

  4. Wow, this tea party kit is fabulous. I would love to have this for upcoming birthday bash of my daughter. She loves tea parties so I would be hosting the bash at one of the best garden party venues in Los Angeles.

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