Monday, June 17, 2013

Fields of Gold

I've been wanting to photograph Miss B lately.  I am trying to catch up on the kids' photos.  I have not been very great at getting up-to-date shots.  Anyway, I've had my eye on some gorgeous golden fields and decided we had better take advantage of them before they were gone...which always seems to happen to me.  So we headed over for a very fast impromptu 20 minute session.  Good thing she's a natural and that I used the field right away, because they have now been plowed.  Phew.

She is such a good girl.  This past year she has grown leaps and bounds (not in inches, I'm still holding out hope for that), but in character and strength.  It has been amazing to watch her find herself and her confidence and march out into the world with her head on straight and a determination to do good and never give up.  Her tenacity and creativity are infectious.  She plans, creates, takes care of things and only gets bossy with the boys a few times (a day). :)  Love her..  

It was really windy.  The fields rolled like waves in the ocean and rustled as the golden light danced and it made me feel all poetic.  And then the wind blew so hard, we were almost blown clean away.


  1. Such beautiful pictures of a beautiful girl, we all just love that Brynna!!

  2. She reminds me a lot of her mother. . . What a lovely photo shoot. :)


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