Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The End of the Epic Road Trip

After our fabulous road trip through California and Oregon, we made our way to visit family in Idaho.  The kids caught up with cousins, relaxed and hung out.  One day we went to the river and had a great time.  We also had our fair share of snow cones.  Plus my aunt spoiled us with her fabulous sugar cookies.  They're the best ever.  Oh and Q fell while on a hike, split his head open and received two staples in his noggin.  

Next up, we drove to Northern Utah to visit my brother and a couple of aunts and go to a wedding.  While visiting my brother, the kids got to be in a luau-themed parade and we had a picnic and games afterward. We also went to a carnival and a movie in the park.  It was pretty much party, party, party.

For the 4th of July, we made freezer paper shirts for the boys.  Miss B helped design them and found an eagle for Mr. C, a Captain America design for Dennis and I chose a silhouette of the USA for Q.  We made a couple of mistakes with Dennis' shirt but it ended up better than we had originally though.  Love when that happens.  Miss B painted her shirt to look like a flag.  

The hubby met up with us again for the 4th and we went to a lovely parade with his family and had a picnic in the mountains after.  I made an ice cream pie and it ended up a little melted and a bit sloshy but still yummy...more like a milkshake pie.  Also, we brought our dog Chase with us and took him on a walk and a giant dog attacked him, bit down on his neck and wouldn't let go.  Luckily, my husband was holding Chase's leash and finally got him away from the other dog...but at the expense of his hands.  They got pretty tore up and poor Chase had some minor injuries.  Mostly, we were all shook up from the traumatic event.  It was really scary.  I am very glad one of the kids didn't have the leash at the time.  They would not have been strong enough.  

That night, we met up with some of my family and enjoyed a show, dinner and fireworks.  And it was all wonderful, other than the fact that it was blazing hot and we all melted under the relentless sun for hours.  It was truly a scorcher that day.  Luckily it rained on us at one point and cooled everything off.  But we had an amazing view of the fireworks show and the kids loved it and I was mesmerized.  I love fireworks up close...especially when set to patriotic music.  

And then we went home.  What a summer.  I am still trying to come to grips with "normal life".  Sigh.  Oh to be independently wealthy and float from one adventure to the next.

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