Monday, August 5, 2013

The Summer Of Dreams

Goodness.  I had to take a vacation from going through vacation photos.  And I'm not nearly finished. Phew. At this rate I'll be posting 4th of July festivities around Halloween and Back to School photos by Christmas. I shall try to speed things up.

After our fabulous stay at the beach house, we drove up to my sister's house near Portland and crossed off quite a few items on my bucket list.

Berry Picking...check.  Strawberries, raspberries and blueberries.  They were outrageously tasty.  I have never before had a tastier strawberry.  We went home and made jam that night.

Sandcastle festival on Cannon Beach...check.  The sandcastles were so amazing. It was worth the miles of trudging down the beach to the correct location.  Then Miss B almost had a fit when some little boy ran along purposefully kicking parts of the castles off.  I thought she would implode, she was so upset.  I stood by my favorite one before he got to it and scared him away.  Phew.

And Lavender Fields...check, check, check.  It was so, so beautiful.  We ladies (Q helped too) clipped bunches of lavender whilst the boys played horseshoes and explored the trees.  I bought lavender chapstick and a beautiful painting of the lavender fields.  I could have moved in right then and there.  So dreamy.  And it smelled so so good.  My two bunches of lavender hung from the rear view mirror for our entire road trip and made the van smell heavenly.  My next residence will be situated close to the beach on a lavender farm with a vineyard and a variety of berry plants.  And there will probably be an old barn somewhere.  Oh and a rope swing.  And a babbling brook would be nice.


  1. Oh, how I would have LOVED some of that lavender, Lou! It is a natural soother/relaxer. I need fields of it. ;~P
    Those sand castles are freaking mind-blowing, too! In fact, crazy thing, we went out to dinner tonight with some friends are were discussing vacation spots and I told them about our trip to Oregon and Cannon Beach, and here you are posting about it. *sigh* I must go again. I must! And the last time we went, the berries were just about to start coming on, but they weren't ready yet. LOU! I told Wilson to read your blog so that he will know how to plan our next family vacation. :~D

    1. I agree you must go back. It's simply heavenly. And go when you can pick berries! And lavender. We barely made it for first weekend of raspberries and blueberries and lavender. Phew!!


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