Thursday, September 5, 2013

An Antique Desk Dream

I finally did it.  I found an antique school desk/chair combo. My aunt had a set of them when I was a kid (in fact she still has them), and I have coveted them for approximately 25 years.  I decided it was high time to find myself, er I mean my kids one.  So I searched and searched on Craigslist until I found a perfect desk for the right price and not too far away...always tricky.  Q thinks it is the most wonderful thing since sliced bread.  We sat it next to my desk and he promptly stashed cans filled with pencils, pens, scissors and glue for all of his coloring masterpieces in the bottom cubby.  He is a self-proclaimed "cweative".  Obviously, I had to photograph the desk with the cute boy who loves it with all of his cweative heart.  It really makes me glow with pride that he loves it as much as I do.  I think I am instilling a very sturdy love of all things vintage, antique and pre-loved in my children.  

Next I need one of those awesome wooden marble tracks.  My aunt has one of those too.  Goodness she has the coolest old stuff.

Master Q is a hoot.  One time whilst we were hiking the path towards a giant sequoia (namely General Sherman), and then climbing back out...Q became decidedly tired.  He moaned and whined pitiably until I hoisted the not-so-light boy on my back.  As we continued the trek, I asked who would hold me when I got tired.  He proceeded to tell me (with his quick wit), "Well you have these magical things called legs."  To which I laughed out loud and said, "Well I guess it's time you used yours then," and plopped him right back on the path.  What a character he is...and a little sarcastic.

Also he enjoys Curious George immensely...the books, the show, the movie, everything.  Every night we read 1-3 George books to him.  He has them memorized.  Curious George Goes To a Chocolate Factory is his favorite and the reason behind his chocolate-making aspirations.  In fact he loves George so much that he has taken to talking like a monkey.  Hmmm.  We have decided maybe he needs a monkey break for a bit.

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  1. Lou, you are the finest writer on the planet. My favorite, in fact. There is simply nothing you can't do. And everything you do is masterful. :)


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