Saturday, September 14, 2013

Enjoying the Cabin

We went to the cabin again.  The kids think it is heaven on earth pretty much.  They roam the wilderness, build forts, catch horned toads, play with cousins and get so seriously filthy.  And then we go home and they feel sorry for themselves that they are city kids.  Life is never fair you see.

They also love to lounge on the hammock.  When called in for dinner one night, Q responded with "I want to swing on the hammock for a little bit.  I need to just enjoy life."  It must be super stressful to be four, so we let him relax for a while.

The beloved rope swing fell down in a storm a few years ago and the older kids worked diligently to find a new home for it and get it hung back up properly.  The kiddies were all beside themselves with glee to swing again.

Have I mentioned we got a dog?  He is really the sweetest (and very active) dog.  I have resisted a dog all these many years.  The kids and hubby have begged, pleaded and made all sorts of promises.  I have said no again and again.  Then we found Chase.  He is a two-year old Brittany Spaniel.  He is highly intelligent and listens well (pretty much better than my children).  He came already trained (he's a bird dog) and is used to living outdoors.  Plus he is just very cute.  So, I couldn't refuse.  And I have found myself really smitten with him.  Shhh.  Don't tell anyone.  We bring him inside where he sits obediently on the tile during the hottest parts of the day.  Anyway, we took him with us to the cabin and let him loose in some fields a few times where he thought he was in absolute bird-dog heaven.  I could barely snap a few shots of him standing still.

We took some of the nieces and nephews with us on a hike and they played for ages on the bridge and under the bridge...pretending they were trolls and collecting worms.  Q carried his worm in a red cup and named him Squirmy Wormy.  Aw to be a kid again.

The clouds were exquisite on the way home so I had to get some photos...especially with the outstanding Vermillion Cliffs.  Wow.  Clouds are so pretty.


  1. What a fun time at the cabin! Love the picture of all the kids on/by the hammock!

  2. My dream vacation is too stay in a cozy (sp?) cabin. Collect wood, light fires, take walks, sit on the porch and shoot the breeze, drink hot chocolate, cuddle under a flannel blanket! And, pretty much do nothing. :)


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