Friday, September 27, 2013

Things To Do In Chicago

I was able to visit my good friend in Chicago again this year.  One of our other friends joined us this time and we decided it would be a hoot to book a Segway tour in Hyde Park.  We were right.  It was an absolute riot.  I learned that Segways are harder to drive than I had anticipated, but in the end we all successfully maneuvered up and down hills, around potholes and were able to stop and get off (which is also tricky).  I had to remind myself a few times to not get too big of a head in regards to my awesome skills.  I did not want to get over-confident and fall and embarrass myself/break my camera.  So I successfully leaned into my turns, bent my legs over bumps and dutifully watched for potholes and cracks.  

Our tour guide led us to a beautiful view of the skyline, a wonderful Japanese garden, an art gallery, the Rockefeller Memorial Chapel, Frank Lloyd Wright's Robie House, and The University of Chicago to name a few.  We would stop at times and view/tour the sites, or I would blind-snap a photo as we whizzed easy feat I tell ya.

I had to take a photo of one of the houses in the fun neighborhoods we were driving through, and one of the beautiful ivy-covered buildings at The University of Chicago.  The campus really reminded me of Monsters University.  :)

After our tour where we felt both dorky and awesome at the same time, we went to Valois for lunch per our guide's recommendation.  It serves cafeteria-style comfort food and was mighty tasty and had great prices.  I had the best Rueben ever in my life (and I've had quite a few).  So yummy.

Speaking of food, we also managed to squeeze in deep dish pizza, and (after a two hour lost fiasco) a return to Hoosier Mama Pie Company. 

I ordered the Hoosier Sugar Cream pie which was heaven on a fork.  It was very butterscotch-ish.  Tasty.  I love food.  Especially yummy foods in unexpected places.

Next we found a Salvation Army in one of the more rough parts of town.  It ended up being really awesome and we shopped for ages.  It was three stories full of thrifting.  Awesome.  I ended up with some amazing Gap pants and they fit...which was also amazing as there were no fitting rooms and I had to guess.  I also loved the exposed brick roads.

We also managed to visit the beautiful countryside and I was able to take some awesome photos of my favorite barn...more of those coming later.

We wandered through beautiful chocolate shops, ate gelato and enjoyed the ambiance thoroughly.  'Twas wondrous.  We also stopped by some quaint roadside farm markets for some tasty sweet corn.  My the Midwest is beautiful and green.  I have decided I should never leave my house and then I will never be jealous of that green color in the outdoors that I see so infrequently.  


  1. Dude. Lou. If I've told you once, I've told you a thousand times! DO. NOT. Take a vacation without MWAH! Or I'll slice out your spine with a broken piece of glass and throw it to the crocodiles!
    Also, not to gross you out - but that gelato stuff... the green one in the front, middle. #$%&! It looks like someone had some unfortunate and abominable diarrhea and unloaded their pants in there! That color is positively heinous!

  2. P.s. But the rest of the stuff looks great! All of it. :~D

  3. P.p.s. (Sorry for all the p.s.-ing.) But I've rode those Segways, too. They are outrageous! The first time I rode on one (or at least tried to ride on it) it felt like I was fighting a walking shark with my bare hands, and, AND, I was in a SKIRT and nearly exposed my nether regions to innocent, coed bystanders! It scared (and embarrassed) the DICKENS outta me!

  4. Where's the shout out to Pres. Obama?! So rude and untruthful E! Lots of fun as always but next time lets schedule in a bit of a break....I was tired! Also I'm not liking the way I look in any of these pictures, but then I never do, maybe I'll look better next year. :) Anyways,Thanks so much for coming, I love it when we're together, although it ALWAYS makes it harder to be apart.

  5. PS I LOVE the picture of you in the chapel, good thing you didn't let me take it. :)

  6. Chi town is on my "travel bucket list!" And, we only live about 5 hours from it now! Can't wait!


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