Thursday, October 3, 2013

5 Ways to Have a Successful Getaway

1.  Visit very cute shops and take a lot of pretty pictures.

Along with my trip to Chicago, I also stopped by Minnesota to visit with my good friend Tatum and her family.  She had a lot of fun things planned for us including shopping at our favorite antique shops, boutiques and one stunning cupcake shop.  Gosh it was pretty.

(I got the Blueberry Crisp cupcake and it was so divinely tasty.)  

2.  Stay with a friend who gives you your very own suite with walls full of books to read.

It's the best ever.  And so blissful.

3.  Take a trip down Memory Lane and try to not get too emotional.

We made a stop by our old apartment building where both of our families stayed while our husbands attended the University of Minnesota.  Our kids were tiny and life was simple.  There was always a friend or three at the playground and it holds so many great memories.

4.  Go on an something new, like glacial potholes.

We went on a fun outing one day to Taylors Falls (Interstate Park).  It is a beautiful park FULL of glacial potholes and absolutely no waterfalls...just to be clear...because we were confused.  Basically when the St. Croix river flooded the valley forever ago, it had so much force it drilled giant holes into the stone as multiple whirlpools were formed, catching smaller stones and boulders and "drilling" through the solid rock. Pretty interesting stuff... and the views were astounding.  

5. Make good friends (the kind that spoil you rotten when you visit).

Maybe this should have been #1. was so good to chat with Tatum about life and kids and cleaning.  Sometimes you just need a nice little break.  And it's lovely when you can take a break and catch up with a good friend at the same time.  And be spoiled.  :)

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  1. That does look like a very successful vacation! I don't know if I would have left that cupcake shop?!


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