Tuesday, October 29, 2013

How Desert Rats Spend Fall Break

We spend it at the lake and bring caramel apples to remind ourselves that it is in fact fall.  

Dad was gone fishing for the weekend (a couple weekends back), so the kids and I got up and busted out a bunch of chores such as cleaning our ghetto back porch, some very light straightening in the garage and general clutter removal.  Then we headed out to explore the lake that is RIGHT by us and we haven't been to in the entire eight years we have lived here.  Shameful.  It was a glorious day, just warm enough but not sweltering.  We had a fine and assorted picnic of sushi, donuts, caramel apples, PB and J's and water.  Then the kidlets swam and built sand castles.  The two oldest got their fill of swimming and read a book while the two youngest collected rocks.  I lounged on my chair and then sprawled out on a towel soaking it all in.  It was lovely and glorious.  Also Q serenaded us with Little Talks by Monsters and Men.  So funny.

I didn't swim.  And I got a bit toasty.  In fact, my black shirt was soaking up the sun, so I had to remove it and just wear my white undershirt.  We were joking that the weather was probably like most people's summer.  Just beautiful.  I love this time of year here.  It makes the scorching summer worth it.  I'm so excited to go on bike rides and walks and enjoy the outdoors more.  Hooray for winter!

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  1. Winter...blah. I'll be so jealous of you when it's -5 here.


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