Friday, November 15, 2013

Family Photos And a Citrus Orchard

We were able to take photos in the beautiful Truman Ranch this year.  The ranch is a lovely (and quite large) citrus orchard full of many varieties of citrus available for U-Pick starting the first of December through March.  They are open Saturdays and Sundays and it is such a fun experience.  We have taken the kids the last two years and we really enjoying picking the fruit and trying all of the different varieties.  You should definitely put it on your list of things to do this winter...unless you live far away where it's snowy and cold in the winter. Then I guess that won't work.  You will have to wait until summer when you can pick wonderful things like berries and then I will be jealous of you.


  1. Wow! Everyone is so beautiful in all of these families! And their outfits are so classy - all of them!

  2. They all look model families for a catalog or something better. Yikes! Gorgeous every single one. :)


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