Thursday, January 2, 2014

Christmas Highlights 2013

We had a very nice Christmas this year.  My parents and sister came to celebrate with us and so I set out the nice dishes, real silver and red chargers for Christmas Eve.  I finally broke down and bought chargers this year and boy do they ever make a difference in presentation.  We had clam chowder, artisan bread and tamales for dinner.  I had to try tamales this year, but it's pretty standard to have clam chowder for Christmas Eve, so we had both.

One of our traditions is to fill a little basket with straw each time we do secret acts of kindness.  The basket is to represent the bed for Baby Jesus and as our gift to him, we try to serve each other more and make his bed as soft as possible before his birthday.  It is a favorite tradition.

Miss B finally, FINALLY got a phone.  She was convinced she was the only 14 year old alive without a phone.  We had to throw her off a few times so she would still be surprised as she was pretty sure she would be getting one.  Her expression was priceless when she finally opened it.  :)

Mr. C was thrilled with his helicopter.

Q was delighted with his art set and Dennis is a pogo master.

Obviously Miss B is infatuated with her phone.


  1. These pics are priceless. :) I love the straw bed/service tradition, too. I think I should like to do that one from now on...

  2. Great pictures! I love the one of your daughter holding her phone. Way to hold off! :)

  3. LOU!!! I'm trying to be patient, but you're killin me!!


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