Monday, January 13, 2014

How We Rocked The New Year

Me and the kidlets drove up to visit family after Christmas.  Dear, hard-working dad had to stay home and work.  Major bummer.  

We spent the New Year holiday with my mom's side of the family and decided to bring some props for a photo booth and to pass the time whilst we waited for midnight.  I do not know why dressing up in random clothes, hats and accessories is so fun...but it is seriously hilarious.  Boy, what a hoot.  We laughed and laughed and ate and ate and then I got really very tired around 11:30 pm and made the mistake of sitting down.  Then I couldn't drag myself into an upright position after that.  Phew, I must be getting old.

On New Year's Day, a giant group of us headed to the Valley of Fire and explored.  It was so breathtaking.  The kids hiked and climbed all over the red rocks, making me uneasy almost the entire time.  I think that boys love to do that to their poor moms or something.  Anyway they survived and we saw an astounding number of petroglyphs.  We also found some rocks riddled with caves and holes that the kids quickly turned into houses, stores and cafes.


  1. Why am I the first to comment?!! I was wondering when this photos would be displayed. Well, despite the unexpected chill throughout the canyon tour and the chaos of children potentially falling off a cliff and being 2 hours later to start this Jones did turn out to look like we had a good time after all :) Where's the Mesquite photos tho! Haha!

  2. Special K said "DONUT FORMATION!" Hehe.

    1. Ha!! The Donut Formation. Strange kids. :) And yes it was fun!


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