Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Moms Need Other Moms

While up visiting family after Christmas, I had the privilege of visiting my friend and her sweet new babe.  He fell asleep and so we had an impromptu photo session with his squishy self.  He has the sweetest lips and the best natural mohawk ever.  It was also lovely to catch up with my friend Tonya and swap mom stories and struggles.  It does a body good I tell you.  Moms need to talk about their ups and their downs and hear that other mothers have similar challenges and obstacles.  It just makes you feel part of a giant group effort and that you're not the only one who gets lonely, frustrated, overwhelmed and so tired you can't remember what 2+2 equals.  

I am so grateful to all of the mothers in my life who give me support, tips and new ideas to keep me going because it can get daunting revising chore charts (yet again), keeping up on teeth cleanings, monitoring screen time, encouraging piano practicing and involving kids in just the right amount of extra curricular activities.  So keep up the good work mothers.  Square those shoulders and bravely march back into the trenches.  It will all be worth it and they will thank you...someday.  They will thank you for teaching them to make their beds and clean.  They will learn manners eventually if you stick with it.  They will learn the value of following rules and working hard.  I know it seems like you're 83% invisible, but somehow your pearls of wisdom and life lessons are being stored and filed away.  Keep at it and pat yourself on the back while you're at it.  You're doing fabulously.  :)

Isn't he the cutest?!


  1. !!!!
    Lou!!! I just knew you'd come through! :~D Thank you ever so kindly for this post and these lovely photos. How I wish you lived just across the street. I would wear a wear a hole in your door for all the times I would come knocking; hoping for a listening ear. *sigh* I definitely needed you that day… I thank the Lord for that opportunity of 3 blissful hours of therapy. I hope I didn't scar your soul with my stories and profanities. :~/ Let us do it again. Real soon. Maybe I could even come for a visit at Hotel Lou-Lou and live a life of bliss for just a few luxurious days...

  2. What a sweet baby, love those cute lips!

  3. Holy macaroni! He's a cutie and I think I would love watching him nap...it's sooo peaceful :)


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