Thursday, February 20, 2014

Postcard Pillow

My sister and I made fourteen Valentine's Day cards/gifts for our other sister and mailed one to her each day.  It was really fun researching and planning and we both came up with some great ideas.  I also loved it because it gave me some awesome ideas for my own family, such as an invisible letter, matchbox notes, mini banner, jar of hearts... etc.

For Day 14, I made her a postcard pillow with fabric stamps and wrote some happy thoughts...specifically ones that are meaningful to us personally, ie references to favorite books and favorite quotes.  I used a permanent marker for the words and penciled on some light lines ahead of time to keep them straight.  I also sewed a striped fabric strip to separate the postcard sides. 

I thought this would be such a great idea for a birthday, get well wishes or missing someone far away.  It was so simple to make.  I just gathered up some suitable fabric from my stash and cut out two rectangles for the front and back.  Next I sewed two stamps onto the front with a zig-zag stitch and a strip of striped fabric to separate the sides (with a straight stitch on either side...ribbon would work too).  Then, I wrote my message and address.  And finally I sewed the whole thing together, stuffed it and hand-stitched the opening.


  1. You are THEE SWEETEST, most thoughtful person in the whole world. To know you, is to be so blessed...

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