Monday, February 10, 2014

That Time I Tried to Plan Family Pictures

There I was last fall, deep in the middle of taking and editing family photos for people.  I would look at their smiling faces and cute families, and wish for my own great family photos.  So I made some plans and did some trading with a friend.  I had picked out two fabulous locations that I was really excited about.  But then the planets mis-aligned or something and it rained heavily the weekend we had planned for.  And those were pretty much the only days available.  It just had to rain (in the desert) on the one weekend we had open.  So I stewed and thought and decided to try to take my own photos.  We gathered up the kids, got them dressed and headed out to the desert.  I set up my tripod and gave out instructions and proceeded to do a lot of running back and forth.  

And I got frustrated and frazzled.  It's very difficult to pose a family when you will eventually be in the shot but you're not at the moment.  It's difficult to make sure everyone stays smiling while you're running.  It's difficult to maintain your sanity.  Also, after looking at the photos I decided I did NOT like my hair up in a bun. so I ripped it out in a frantic decision and was left with poofy, bun-less hair.  Grrrr.  We then tried a few location changes as kids got restless and I got increasingly worried.  I did not end up with any family shots I really loved, although the candid one is fun.  I did end up with some individual and couple shots that I was very happy with...which was awesome because I wasn't sure I would have anything at all in the end.

When we went up to visit family during Thanksgiving, I had my sister-in-law snap a family photo just as the sun was setting.  Also, I picked new outfits for Miss B, Dennis and I...obviously, because I'm crazy.  Sheesh. Why are family photos so stressful?  And I shall plan even more ahead this year!


  1. Family photos are RIDICULOUSLY stressful. It's asinine, I'm telling ya. However, I think these turned out just FAMOUSLY, Lou. Famous. :~D

  2. Oh, trying to plan your own family photos is SO stressful. Going through the process really helps understand what your clients are going through! I love all the outfits!!!

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