Friday, February 21, 2014

Things To Do in The Desert

Once when the kids had a day off, we went on a day trip to one of our favorite places in this desert of ours (Boyce Thompson Arboretum).  And we took pictures in all of our favorite locations (namely the turquoise truck).  This is my fourth year taking photos with the lovely and rusted turquoise truck.  

Q kissed a new statue (and the regular one too).  

I wore a hat and Miss B said I looked weird because I never wear hats...but I secretly think it looked okay.

We spotted many cardinals and finally after creeping and spying and being super stealthy, I got pretty close to one.

We crossed beautiful bridges and hiked awesome mountains.

And this is what I heard from the boys, one by one as they zipped by me on the trail:

Mr. C:  "I need to be in front."
Dennis:  "I need to spit in the lake."
Q:  "I need to get a collection!"
And I thought, "I need to write those down..."

PS You would never know there were many whinings and complainings from 75% of the offspring about going, for they all enjoyed it once we got there.  Parents really do know best.


  1. Yes, parents DO know best. And mothers know MORE best. MOST best. :~D You're such a great mother, Lou. Will you add this to one of our things to do while I am in AZ with you? :)

  2. Love your shirt, you look great E.

  3. I was planning to visit desert safari,dubai. Thanks for sharing these tips of dos and dont in desert. It will be very helpful for me on my visit to desert.


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