Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Easiest Bonfire Birthday Ever

Mr. C had another birthday.  Sigh.  He's practically a man now.  We decided to head to the mountains and have a bonfire in honor, because that's manly.  And he requested a fire cake.  Luckily the web didn't disappoint and I found a very easy and eye-catching cake idea.  Pirouette cookies make the perfect campfire logs and for the candy "fire", you melt crushed cinnamon and butterscotch candies on a cookie sheet.  Then when they cool, you carefully break shards to resemble flames.  So easy.  So cool.

Seriously the day of the party, I finally had some time and bought the food, made the cake, threw together some random decor, packed up the van with camp chairs, ice chests and firewood (and other random tidbits needed for starting fires and whatnot) and even had time to spare before the guests arrived.  Plus...PLUS I didn't have to clean my house.  Bonus.  

Dad grilled up some mean dogs and burgers whilst I photographed the cake and set up camp.  :)  The boys snacked on pretzels while they waited for dinner.  And they played on the awesome new playground nearby.  In .02 seconds they had made up a game and happily entertained themselves the entire time with no problems.  So easy.  Then we ate dinner.  I also brought fruit and veggies and the cutest tiny cans of Fanta and Sprite.  I cannot resist their tiny charms.  So the boys ate and ate and ate and talked and told stories and ate.  And then they played Kick the Can while we got the bonfire roaring.

Finally, we sat around the fire and happily roasted marshmallows (and even strawberries...funny story).  When it got dark, we headed home to open presents and eat the cake.  'Twas the easiest peasiest party I have ever thrown.  There were nine boys total.  No problemo.  And Mr. C has raved and raved and RAVED.  Sweet.


  1. LOVE the cake, Lou. How clever. :~D
    It's funny that you clean the house before guests. I wait until they leave to clean. If I even have guests. Cuz I'm a freak. :~P Oh, well. It is what it is.
    Happy Birthday to Mr. C.!! :~D

    1. No you just keep your house clean all the time so you're set for a party. I on the other hand, need to do a lot of straightening and such before guests come. I do try however there is always clutter. Curse the clutter!

  2. What a fun birthday, the cake turned out great!

  3. I looks really fun and I love the cake! I would like to know a little more about the playground. Is there a boy holding on to and standing on a large cactus??! Ouch!

  4. There is in fact a boy hugging a cactus... And it is Q. It is not a real cactus however or that would be painful indeed. :)

  5. I took a closer look at the boy on the cactus too. And of course it was Q, such a daredevil...if it were real or fake :)


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