Friday, April 11, 2014

Good Friends Are Important

I found a little piece of heaven.  It is so beautiful.  I really love finding beautiful pieces of heaven.  It makes my day.  One night, I took Miss B and her good friend out to give it a photographic test run.  We only had about 15 minutes of light but we were still able to capture some great shots of two beautiful girls in a gorgeous location.

Miss B has been learning to smile with teeth of late.  Yes.  It has been a long, hard road but I think she is making progress.  She is so very good at the no-teeth smiles.  And she doesn't get that from me because I can't pull that off for anything.  It's all teeth, all the time with me. :)

I'm so glad Miss B has such good friends.  They are supportive and kind and all things good. They uplift and inspire her to be better.  Those are the best types of friends and I am glad she has a good group of them for her next scary adventure...high school.  Aaack!  She was seriously just barely eight years old.  Now she's going to church dances and researching colleges.  How did I get so old?


  1. Oh those girls are just too beautiful, love the new location! So glad she has some good friends to brave High School with!

  2. I definitely love her "TEETH" smiles. She has very nice pearly whites. :)

  3. I invested a ton of money straightening those things, so she needs to smile with them more.


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