Thursday, June 19, 2014

Contributing to Boys Fashion

The boys and I have continued to enjoy working with Fly Little Guy, contributing to their blog on boys fashion...well actually I've enjoyed it.  I'm not sure how ecstatic the boys are for multiple photo shoots and fashion tips.  :)  Luckily they are good sports (most of the time) and I am definitely enjoying dressing them and spending a little extra time photographing their cute faces. I also love searching for good deals and steals on clothes for them and trying to think outside the box.

We made a pair of sweet cuffed cutoffs for Q this summer and got Dennis all ready for a beach adventure...complete with what he calls his mirror sunglasses (which he thinks are the coolest).

If you haven't checked out Fly Little Guy...go for it.  There is usually a giveaway going on or coming up, as well as discounts at some very awesome clothing boutiques.


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