Thursday, July 24, 2014

A Day of Golf and Pictures

Sometime back in March, when the weather was superb and the birds chirped and a light breeze blew through my hair...I took Q out for a golf photo session for Fly Little Guy.  We went to an actual golf course and I thought Q would die of excitement.  He LOVES golfing, although we've never taken him and my husband isn't really into it, so we're really not sure where this love came from.  Anyway, I dressed him up in some golfing-type duds and we grabbed a club and a ball and played golf on a little corner of the golf course where we were sure to be out of the way.  I'm not sure he had his hand placement right (and truly I am a poor teacher because I've only ever been mini-golfing a handful of times), but he got a kick out of the adventure and I got some fun pictures of my little man.  Although the skinny jeans made him look exceptionally tall.  

Q is getting ready to start Kindergarten in the next couple of weeks and is absolutely beside himself with anticipation.  I am filled with a lot of hope that he does well and listens and doesn't drive the teacher nuts! :)  He is quite the ball of energy as I am sure you've heard me mention a time or two.  But hopefully he will be so busy learning new things and filling his little busy mind, that he will be fully occupied.  I remember feeling the same way about Dennis and he did swell, so that has eased my mind a bit. I sure will miss him though.  Luckily I have a new wee one on the way to occupy my time, eh?! 

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