Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Baby Number Five

So as you have probably read, I am pregnant with my fifth.  It was a bit of a shock.  After delivering Q, I had a very scary blood clot in my lung a week after he was born.  We ultimately decided he would be our last, as the possibility of more clots with future pregnancies is very high.  However, Heavenly Father must have felt we needed more and sent this little blessing anyway! We always felt like there was one more for our family and have even thought seriously about adoption.  In fact, we were very close to signing on with an agency a few times.  But things just never worked out.  I really think Heavenly Father has a plan and he certainly knows better than I do.  I was a bit nervous when I first learned of this pregnancy, because I really didn't want to have another life-threatening clot and all of the pain and worry that accompanied it.  But after a lot of prayer and a priesthood blessing, I realized that I should do all I can to be safe and then turn the rest over to Heavenly Father.  I am currently on a Lovenox shot daily (blood thinner) to prevent more clots.  It has been a challenge and I am slowly getting better at giving myself a shot every morning.  I definitely do NOT enjoy them, but I am grateful for modern medicine, the precautions that are available and the wonderful doctor who watches out for me.

We learned we are having another BOY a few weeks ago!  That will bring the total count to four boys and one girl (and yes, the girl was a little sad about it, but she'll pull through).

I am 19 weeks pregnant...here is a shot of the bump at 18 weeks.  I have been sick sick sick.  I have never been this sick for this long with any of my babies.  I think I am just old or something! :)  So hopefully 20 weeks will be the magic number?  I am feeling better than I was at the beginning, so that is definitely a huge plus.

Annnnd I bought my first fun baby-wear purchase.  I have loved baby moccasins for awhile, but missed them with Q, so I was excited to get a pair.  Hooray for mini moccasins and chubby feet that go in them.

Last but not least, I will be putting photography on hold for the time being.  Unless you have already scheduled with me!  With a new baby coming and four kids going hither and thither, my focus needs to be elsewhere. :)


  1. Many congratulations. May God bless this baby and the whole family! I have three little boys and ONE girl too :)

    1. Oh thank you soo much Emily!! That is very sweet. And I just tell my daughter that her and I will have to be close! :)

  2. WHAT?! I just read your comment on my blog…congratulations!!!!! How far is the gap? I'm thinking we might want one more, but I know if we do, it won't be for another couple of years…and Vivian is already 2 and a half, so I'm wondering if we should just be done. That's so exciting for you guys….are you kids so excited? My kids want me to get pregnant right now with one more…I told them I can't hack it. Gave em the ole, "if I had better cleaners, I could maybe handle another one right now" haha…didn't work. Anyway, congratulations. Your 18 week bump looks like my 6 week bump…adorable!!!

  3. It's funny, I was just thinking about you this morning and I thought, "I bet Lou is going to have another boy," and Tah-DAH! I was right! Good job, me. :~D Poor BL, though...


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