Monday, July 7, 2014

Simple Surf Party

Dennis turned a year older.  Why do they keep doing that??  We threw together a very simple Surf's Up water party for him (this prego mama is still feeling under the weather).  We fed those crazy boys Hawaiian pizza, fruit kabobs, Nutter Butter flip flop cookies, gummy sharks, blue jello islands (with sharks lurking within), and some tropical juice.  My awesome sandcastle cake pan from Nordicware came in handy yet again. I use the recipe from Williams-Sonoma and fill it with whipped cream and/or pudding and berries when it's time to eat.  It's very tasty.  But you must remember to use the secret weapon Baker's Joy spray with flour included.  Trust me.  I had to make two cakes because I thought I was cool enough to get by without it.  Also do you know how hard it is to find gummy sharks??  Very. I finally found them at Circle K.  Goodness.


For activities, we filled up a bunch of water balloons that ended up lasting approximately 20 seconds...which is usually what happens with water balloons even though it takes hours to fill them.  Dear dad made one of those PVC pipe "car washes" you may have seen circulating the web.  He added some sweet rotating sprayers that really got things wet!  It was a hit.  So pretty much I let the crazy boys play water games, eat food, get soaked and be really loud.  It was pretty easy.  I sent them home with some sweet shades and cheap water guns.

I had many more plans and grand visions of a beautifully laid table and decor but really...nine year old boys could care less about decor and/or beauty.  So I decided simple was good and what do you know...they still had a blast!


  1. He's 9?? I thought he was like 7ish, no you better check his DOB. I'm sure he's only 7.

  2. Oh what fun, you throw the greatest parties! One day I'll get one.......:)

  3. Dude. I gotta see a pic of your blue jello islands with sharks, man! Don't leave me in such suspense! Also, if you ever have another one of these cool parties, I MUST be invited. I MUST!!!


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