Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Back to School Breakfast: It's That Time Again

School is officially in session!  And Q gets to be a part of it this year... a fact that has left him super excited and dancing around the house for days.  

For our Back to School Breakfast this year, I decided upon a time theme because the older ones are getting busier and need to use their time wisely and the younger ones are learning about clocks and time, so it worked for everyone.  The night before school started we had a great discussion on prioritizing time and not wasting it.  We read a great talk by Elder Dallin H. Oaks.  For our breakfast, I made a poster out of chalkboard paper and added a quick banner (made with lined paper, book pages and red chevron paper) and spray-painted my SCHOOL letters a metallic silver.  Then I decorated with a few clocks and we served clock pancakes with blueberry numbers and bacon or strawberry hands. :)  I gave each kid a journal to help keep track of things (or to doodle in..whatever), and a candy watch bracelet along with a few quotes on time.

The entire (current) crew.  The boys all started a new school this year and now wear uniforms.  Miss B started High School (gasp) and doesn't have to any more.  So the tables are turned from last year. :)  I actually love uniforms.  They are so easy.  And also I love Dennis' stick legs.  They are adorable.

Once we got to school, dad and I walked Q to his classroom (the other kids had confidently found their own way of course)...and he headed off on his own like a professional.  Straight out into the wide world.  Sigh.  All grown up.  He got right to work in his classroom, hung up his backpack and waved goodbye.  He loved the first day and said he already made a few friends.  Which is perfect.  The other three did great as well.  Mr. C is still apprehensive about the school change, but I hope he settles in quickly.  Here's to another year my friends.  I think we are ready...


  1. Back to school already??? Goodness, Lou, what'll we do?? I think I could go back to school if I had a breakfast and great big fuss made over me like you did for your little ones... Will you adopt me, Lou?

    1. I know, it gets earlier and earlier it seems! Yes I will adopt you, but you must know I only make a special breakfast a few times a year...it's "fend for yourself" otherwise! :)


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