Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Documenting And Such

I've been slacking in documenting the last few months.  I'm blaming it completely on pregnancy.  Growing a human is hard work people, but the good news is I am 25 weeks.  Wahoo!  As long as I stay away from sugar and fat, I seem to feel okay.  I want to eat yummy treats so, so badly though.  Christmas goodies, look out!  I should be able to eat you once the wee babe is here.  I am making a list now.

In May, Q graduated from Preschool...which I am sure you assumed since he has already started Kindergarten.  It was a lovely event held under the trees.  We were serenaded with a few songs and entertained with a science experiment and then diplomas were handed out.  He was very sad once he realized he wasn't going to be seeing his teacher on a regular basis anymore...she really is a gem!

We braved the scorching heat of summer to get pictures for Fly Little Guy.  Here are a few of my favorites that didn't make the cut.  And man Dennis is looking handsome and grown up these days.  I swear he was just climbing shelves, flooding the bathroom and dripping honey across the living room.  Where does the time go?

After a few insanely toasty photo sessions, I bribed them with a trip to Rocket Fizz...which seemed to do the trick nicely.  We found the Key Lime Pie Soda to be astoundingly tasty.  Also, I realize I have zero pictures of Mr. C.  He has been busy going on some epic scouting trips that he has thoroughly enjoyed.  And then he has come home thoroughly stinky and dirty.  Boys.

Miss B had a Promotion Ceremony for graduating from 8th grade and heading into high school (in May as well).  They did not do these types of ceremonies where my husband and I grew up, so it was a strange new experience.  And it was kind of a big deal.  There were speakers and a huge stage with stage lighting and three giant screens.  She looked beautiful and I was able to snap a couple of pictures with her friends, but they were difficult to catch with all the billions of people and the hugging and goodbyes (a lot of them are going to different high schools).  Dad got her some beautiful Stargazer lilies and the three of us went out to eat at Olive Garden after with about half the school!

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