Friday, September 12, 2014

Remembering My Grandma

I have been thinking about my Grandma Pat a lot lately.  She passed away about 10 years ago.  She was a big influence in my life and I have many fond memories of her.  She threw fun parties, always had some craft or two for the grand kids to indulge in and there seemed to be a fresh pie on the counter every time I visited. I loved her collection of mini Smurfs and Strawberry Shortcake dolls and the drawer where she kept her stash of Avon chap stick.  She had the coolest miniature cast iron stove, that my cousin and I would play with for hours (perhaps this is where my love of minis began).  She loved gardening, flowers, Coca Cola products and she was very creative.  She loved celebrating holidays and no one has ever made divinity like she did.  I have many memories of running to 7-11 for a Slurpee and of Easter parties and t-shirt painting parties.  We cousins loved to swing by our hands on her metal spinning clothes line until we got blisters and eat Ritz crackers all the day long.

(me in the striped pj's, my twin sisters and my Grandma...1988)

One of my biggest and fondest memories is how she influenced me to be a good person.  She was a great example of service and selflessness.  She encouraged me to read the Book of Mormon before I turned 12.  I respected and loved her very much and so even though it is a very long book (especially for a kid), I worked hard and read and read and can remember the day I went to her house and told her that I finished.  I was somewhere between 11-12 and I was so excited to tell her.  I remember sitting on her piano bench.  I think I even remember what I wore.  If I am right, it was that awesome peach satin dress that I loved. :)  And my hair was of course long and permed.  But because of her and my parents and other great examples in my life, I have a solid foundation of faith, love of the scriptures and a knowledge that I was loved by my Heavenly Father.

(around 1990 with my brother and sisters)

Another thing she taught me was to make sure I am in pictures, because she never wanted to be in them and would hide from the camera.  As a result, we have very few pictures of her and it really makes me sad.  So no matter how photogenic you think you are/aren't...get in those pictures people!  Your posterity will want to look at your cute face later.

I hope I can be like her.  I hope I can serve and give like her and be supportive and fun for my grandchildren.  She is definitely an inspiration to me.


  1. She was a lovely lady and I love the first picture of her! We had so much fun at Grandma's house :)

  2. You hope you can be like her?? As I was reading this post, I thought, Gosh, now I know where Lou got all of her skills from... AND I think it is safe to say that you have taken what she had and magnified it 10 fold. :)

  3. Great legacy! I like hearing your perspective about grandma, you got to know her in a different way than I did :)


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