Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The Day Phoenix Flooded

We had an epic storm and resulting flood here in the Valley on Monday. It was so epic...schools closed, which NEVER happens here for weather, so it was awesome.  There were many roads flooded and therefore people couldn't get to school.  The freeway my hubby takes to work was totally covered in water and left many cars stranded.  He worked from home that day.  Cul-de-sacs, greenbelts and washes were filled with water.  Our greenbelt was a raging river earlier in the morning.  By the time we realized school was out, I was already on my way trying to pick up the carpool.  It was slow going as I had to pick the roads carefully and traffic was crazy.  I got the call cancelling school, and decided to pick up Miss B from early morning seminary (a scripture study class for the youth) since we were right by the church.  We picked up her and two friends and headed home.  Again traffic was insane with all of the road closures and it took us a bit to finally get home.  Once we were there, the two little boys immediately changed into swimsuits and headed to the greenbelt to play in the water.  The raging river had subsided to a nice giant puddle by that time.  They were extremely happy.

It will be a day we never forget for sure.  In other neighborhoods, people were jet-skiing and kayaking in their washes and parks turned lakes.  Craziness.

Miss B and I did some wading and enjoyed the beautiful overcast day and all the water!


Mr. C didn't get in on too much of the action because he recently sliced his thumb open during a dangerous Unload-The-Dishwasher-Accident.  One bowl decided to break in his hand somehow.  We're still not really sure how.  So he had to get five gruesome stitches.  We call it Frankenthumb now.  Or at least I do when he makes me look at it.  Blech.  He had to keep his stitches clean and plus he's a homebody anyway, so he enjoyed the day reading and enjoying a relaxing free day.  He is quite ecstatic that he gets out of dish washing duty for awhile though.

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  1. Twas an epic storm indeed, eh?? This is like, what, a one hundred year flood for you guys?? Now I can see busting out the kayaks, but jet skis?? Great Scott!


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