Wednesday, December 10, 2014


For Thanksgiving, we had my parents come visit from out of town.  It was a nice relaxed affair with a lot of baking involved!  I do love Thanksgiving leftovers though, so it's okay.  On Saturday, we took my parents to one of our favorite places: Boyce Thompson Arboretum.  And this year we were able to go during the Fall Festival, which was awesome because we saw colors!  We don't get much fall foliage here in the desert so it was a treat.  Speaking of treats, they had some beautiful music playing under a glorious tree and were selling donuts for $.50.  It was a dream.  And Q didn't want to kiss the statue this time...they're just friends now apparently. :)

Q learned how to make Thanksgiving pies with Grammy.  They made five pies and he did all the pie crust edges.  He LOVED every bit of it and was so proud of his work.  They made pecan, chocolate, peach, coconut cream and pumpkin.  

All four kids wanted a turkey leg and we were in a bit of a pickle because turkeys typically only come with two legs (in my experience).  Q and Mr. C graciously traded theirs for wings.  Sheesh.  On Black Friday, I had an NST at the hospital, so Miss B and my mom came with me and then we hit up a couple of stores for fun and got lunch at a fabulous Greek place.  I had the best gyro I've had in years.  It was seriously tasty business.


  1. I don't know what an NST is, but I really must have your pecan pie recipe. I'm the pie maker on my side of the family every other Thanksgiving and pecan is a pie that I would simply love to add to my repertoire.

    Your belly is still so small, Lou!

    Also, please put the Arboretum on my Arizona bucket list for when I come to visit. :)

  2. Lou. I am waiting for your next post. I'm ready. How about now?


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