Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Life With Number Five

So we have taken to calling the baby The Cuteness. Because he is the cuteness.  The whole family is wrapped around his increasingly chubby little finger.  They run in from school yelling "I get to hold him first!!"  They hang on every crooked smile, yawn, stretch, funny face, ticklish feet, crossed eyes and pouty lip. For some reason they don't feel the same way about changing diapers. :) 

These last few weeks have been so sweet and full of snuggling a snoozing babe.  There's nothing better. Of course there have also been adjustments with sleeping and adding a newborn into the carpool schedules, sports events, dinner making, scouts, piano lessons, youth activities, meetings and etc.  I think we shall get the hang of it eventually.  I still can't believe I have FIVE kids!  Sheesh.  Laundry is insane.  And I can't imagine the grocery bill when I have four grown boys to feed.

Friends and family have taken care of us so amazingly well.  We got so many dinners and treats brought in.  Q was beside himself.  He kept saying, "It sure does taste good to have a new baby!"  He loved it.  Friends brought me lunch and came by to visit and hold the baby.  My mom came for a good ten days and ran the household while I napped and hung out with The Cuteness.  We got many texts, phone calls and well wishes.  Miss B is a fabulous helper and I wish I had a 15-year old girl around for my other babies.  Dennis is so patient and sweet.  He holds the baby and feeds him his bottle and talks softly to him even though it takes forever.  Mr. C loves to watch the crazy faces he makes and thinks he is the cutest thing he's ever seen.  Q loves his tiny feet and toes and one day we were talking and I mentioned that the baby was getting so chubby.  Q responded with, "But that's okay, we still like him anyway..."  Ha!

(3 days to 2 weeks)

These are all photos from my phone. It sure is handy to have a smartphone close by for capturing all those little moments.  I wish I would have had one for the other kiddos. 

(a few days old)

(3.5 weeks...he finally decided a bath wasn't the most horrific experience of his life)

(2 weeks and 4 weeks)

(4 weeks- Sunday best)

(5 weeks)


  1. Stop. Freeze. Wait up for me all five of you!! I'm coming sooooon :)

  2. Good job on making such a cute, handsome, and adorable baby, Lou! He is truly precious. And you look fantastic. You don't look like you've even had ONE baby, let alone FIVE! I, however, look like I have had at least a dozen. Oh, well. :~/ I need to see you AND him next time you are in town, Lou. I MUST. Remember how I let you see MY babe?? :) Reciprocity, Lou. Reciprocity. :)


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