Friday, February 6, 2015

2015 Bucket List

I love lists.  I love making them and checking them off.  Making a list makes me feel in control and gives me an idea of what I am up against.  I get excited to get to work and finish.  And then checking off items on the list is exhilarating.  I LOVE it.  I love to go to bed at night and think back through the day about all the things I accomplished.  It's a wonderful feeling.  In years past, I have made yearly to-do lists on my blog.  I don't ever finish all of them, but it definitely gives me a goal and a direction.  Sometimes they are more project-type goals and sometimes they are personal, self-improving goals, but either way it keeps me accountable and I especially like to look back and see what I've completed.  So this year, these are some of the things I would like to work on:

Learn to make sushi - April 2015...California Roll and Dragon Roll!  Sooo Yummy!
Implement healthier meals- Tried some new ones we like, still trying
Start exercising again- Trying with the jumping jacks (May 2015)
Make fun after-school snacks for the kids (try for twice a week)
Find new lunch ideas for the kids - bento box type (fresh fruit, homemade hummus and pesto, energy balls)- February

Read my scriptures every day-no exceptions  (went great for about 6-7 months)
Print off blog books- almost have one finished December
Continue blogging and documenting life-take pictures- chatbooks,blog
Try Chatbooks and Groovebooks Tried Chatbooks February-love them, definitely printing more
Print off photos and make photo books with the kids- ordered photo dividers March, bought binders, Project Life cards, and lots of photos.
Journal more regularly
Go to the temple more (will be hard with a baby)- Went in April with youth
Take pictures of the temple  Check!
Family pictures  Done November
No electronic time wasting (especially when kids are home)
Summer vacation-make memories  Canada in June
Create a Family Home Evening schedule
Be present for the kids when they are home

Plant flowers/plants and add drip to the backyard- Planted pretty flowers and tomatoes and carrots in February
Clean and organize backyard Got rid of junk in backyard Feb. 11
Organize one closet/cupboard/drawer a week Baby clothes, cleaned kitchen shelves, 
Go through the kids' clothes Went through all boys' clothes Feb. 6
Replace the carpet- Carpet ordered February- Replaced April...finally!
Finish the nursery- Hung up planes and wall art- Febrary
Redo and update the chore chart (with incentive plan for kids)  Feb. 1- Working pretty good
Stick to incentive plan for kids
Clean the garage thoroughly!
Paint furniture in Miss B's room
Organize the Bonus Room Rearranged furniture Feb. 1...phew, sooo much better.
Make wall art for the master bedroom
Redo kitchen table
Caulking touch-ups Done!
Paint bench -Painted bench slate blue March 6
Get a picnic table
Filing Cabinet project
Get rid of birds- gave birds to a loving home- February
Paint high chair- May 2015

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