Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Baby Blessing

We blessed The Cuteness a couple of weeks ago.  He is so sweet and snuggly and I could just eat him up!  I loved his outfit and little crocheted loafers...and I was so relieved he still fit in it as he has grown so much!  At his 2 month appointment he was 25.4 in and 97% for height and 13.8 lbs and 85% for weight.  He is growing some very nice rolls and they are delectable!  He is cooing and smiling and it is intoxicating, I seriously can't get enough of him. My mom gave me a sweet white and turquoise crocheted blanket to wrap him up in (which is a good thing because it was a balmy 83*-sheesh February!). 

We had a lot of family visit and had a grand whirlwind of a time visiting, keeping people fed, making beds all over the house, visiting the Phoenix Temple and holding babies (there were three sweeties to pass around).  Mr. C also gave his first talk on Sunday and did a fabulous job...he even used the word "aforementioned".  He has quite the extensive vocab and cracks us up!  Dad gave a superb blessing and we had a lovely time.

I still feel like a very lucky momma.  I get to be the mother of five excellent children.  Don't get me wrong, they are not perfect and neither am I and we are all still trying to figure it out, but more and more I am just feeling pleased as punch that they are mine.  


  1. I have to disagree on this one... you most certainly ARE PERFECT, Lou! What are you talking about?! There is not a more perfect, sweet, ideal momma than YOU. Your babies are all so cute, too.

    And... What is with this weather?? It is going to be 168• here in July if these temperature trends continue. God help us!

  2. What wonderful memories you captured! The blessing was so beautiful and he looked so handsome, congratulations!!


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