Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Growing Plants In The Desert

What a great year for oranges!  We got such a giant crop and it was fabulous and they are delicious and sweet and juicy. We filled a bunch of baskets and bowls, a giant bucket and even gave away a few bags!  I feel so accomplished growing them in my very own backyard.  With the oranges, the grapes and limes, we could make a fruit salad...that is if the lime tree would actually produce and it wouldn't be a very good fruit salad, but STILL! :) Maybe next year I'll get a pomegranate tree to round things out a bit.

In other growing news, I FINALLY planted some pretty flowers and plants in the backyard and we added a drip so they will hopefully continue to live through the blasted summer.  I have been determined to make the backyard a little more appealing this year.  I want to be able to look out my window and see beauty.  We also planted some tomatoes, carrots, oregano, mint and basil in a very mini garden.  I keep putting off trying a garden because of not-so-perfect conditions and I just decided I needed to do it and quit thinking about it.

The plants only get morning sun and all afternoon shade so I am really hoping they make it.  I have a section of dirt between my patio and grass that I would love to fill with plants, flowers and herbs.  I got a good start on it this year and I'll continue to add to it this fall and going forward. 

Hooray for not being pregnant and sick.  I have soooo much energy and I'm excited to be doing the projects I've been planning for about a year.  It is amazing.  I can move and eat and work and be so productive.  I love it to pieces!


  1. The only thing we can grow here are weeds. Wait. We do have a fig tree that actually produced several figs last year. But other than that, everything dies, except for the weeds. They live long and prosper.

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