Thursday, April 9, 2015

A Life-Sized Fairy Garden

So literally the day after we got back from our Spring Break trip, Miss B and I and the baby repacked and flew to Oregon to visit my sister and her two girls.  Wes did soo awesome on the plane and slept and smiled.  It was outstanding and so was Oregon. My cute sister picked us up at the airport with some box lunches and we set out to explore.

We first visited the Vista House with views of the Columbia River.

Next we wound our way around the highway, admiring the many many waterfalls until we came to an exquisite, historic hotel and enjoyed their grounds for a couple of hours.  It was seriously a life-size fairy garden.  Sigh... we took soo so many photos.  Luckily Miss B had a fabulous tulle skirt in her luggage so she changed into an outfit more fitting of the surroundings.  It is handy to have a nice tulle skirt hanging about when one needs one.

We floated luxurious petal boats down the stream and oohed and ahhed at the most unearthly blossoms I have ever seen.  The Cuteness snoozed the entire time.  I snapped and snapped and snapped.  I took pictures of people and flowers and bridges and foliage and water.  I took pictures of our adventure and oh what a beautiful, magical place it was.  Miss B and I fell completely in love with it.


But that is just the first day...I shall tell you all about the rest later. :)

PS It's handy to have a pretty daughter willing to pose for me in a pretty place.  I love it!


  1. Oh, Lou... I wish I could have been there! It truly does look unearthly. I love how you can focus on one flower or blossom and the others around it are blurred out like softly glowing stars. Petunia sure is getting big, isn't she?? ;)

    1. I know T, it would have been fun to have you there! Petunia is getting quite big, yes. :) And I am glad you like the flower photos.


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