Friday, April 3, 2015

Fly Fishing and a Birthday

This kid grew up overnight.  He had another birthday.  They seem to come yearly!  He requested chicken and waffles for his birthday dinner.  We drove an hour to our fave restaurant and found it to be packed with a line out the door.  Mr. C told us that Denny's was his next we found a Denny's and obliged the boy.  He ordered his favorite breakfast platter and strawberry shake and was pleased as punch.  Dad and I and the babe chatted with him and had a pleasant, if not interesting night.  There were some colorful folk there that night.  A big group of adults came in yelling that they were which I silently agreed.  :) What a night!

For his birthday breakfast, I made crepes...per his request and we had a luscious Tres Leche birthday cake.  Yumminess all in one tasty day.  I did have to do a lot of cooking, but it was worth it.  I sure love this goofball who has the best laugh in the world.  It's so great to watch anything funny with him, because he makes it ten times funnier with his belly laughing until he's crying and can't breathe.

He also still loves (adores) to read.  He's like a walking library.  I cannot for the life of me keep up with new books for he re-reads what he has...over and over and over.  

He got to go on a sweet fly-fishing trip with Dad for his big birthday present.  He loved it and they had some awesome adventures and fish stories to tell.  Check out the giant fish they caught!  He's really been wanting to go for awhile now.  Birthday wish complete.  Although standing for hours in freezing cold water to catch a slimy fish and throw it back, does NOT sound like a good each his own. :)


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    1. No way. Cardinal rule of fly fishing. They are conservationists!

  2. Happy Birthday to Christian! He does have a great laugh and such a great boy!


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