Thursday, April 16, 2015

Newborn Photography: Then And Now

I had the great idea to do a little before and after shoot with Number Five and so I dug out the pants he wore for his newborn shoot and shoved his chubby thighs into them.  The hat fit fine. :)

Boy has he grown in four months.  He is soo delectably squishy and chubby.  Mmmmmm.  Look at how sweet and tiny he was at 6 days old.  Gosh it goes fast. 

And in big news, he has learned to roll over, although he is not sure how he feels about it.  He's happy and proud for a minute or two and then realizes he's stuck.  :)  He continues to be the happiest and most chill baby.  We marvel at it daily.  And he smells delightful.  Sigh...I still can't believe he is ours.  And yes, he has turned me into a big mush of cheesy, sentimental emotions...and I love it!

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  1. What a beautiful baby boy! It does go by way too fast! Why can't pregnancy seem as fast??


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