Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Newborn Photography: Third Princess

While visiting my sister, we got stuck in Portland and couldn't get home on standby.  The flights had suddenly booked solid for days and I was supposed to be home to photograph a sweet newborn (not to mention drive the carpool and be a mom).  We finally made it home after a tense few days and a couple of long flights + a layover.  Luckily Wes was an angel and slept through both flights and even the hour we had to wait in the plane for a gate to become available.  He ended up with lots of admiring fans after that.  Miss B flew home the next morning so I didn't have her to help, which made him even more of an angel baby.  

Anyway, I made it home in time to capture this newborn goodness.  There is a very short window for photographing newborns...usually within the first ten days is best because they are still really sleepy and like to be curled up.  This sweet gal was a dream.  I put her in baskets and swaddles and even one of my antique drawers! Make sure to check out the photo of her and mom...she is holding up three fingers which is perfectly fitting as she is the third princess of the family. :)  I love taking pictures with all of the pink and bows.  It is delightful!

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