Monday, April 20, 2015

Why I Love to Blog

I have a giant backlog of things to blog about and I am trying desperately to get caught up and paint rooms and work on some Fly Little Guy posts too.  I LOVE blogging...I know not a lot of people blog anymore, but I will continue to because it really makes me document our lives.  I cherish the memories I have recorded over the years and all of the funny stories of the kids growing up and learning and making messes.  I know I would have forgotten most of them had I not taken the time to record them in both picture and word.  I also love to is an outlet for me and something I really enjoy doing.  I am much better expressing myself through writing and photos than I tend to be with words.  

So in the spirit of recording memories, I shall tell you all about our Easter festivities.  For Easter Saturday, we headed up to a beautiful little oasis we found a couple of years ago and enjoyed a picnic, a short hike and playing in the water and enjoying the green.  The kids caught minnows, threw rocks, waded and climbed on boulders.  Q got soaked as per usual.  Annnnd the dog thought he was in heaven.  I sat under a beautiful tree and rocked the babe to sleep.  It was delightful.

We had a nice little egg hunt on our hike back and the kiddies got a few new doodads and whatnots.  I forgot the grass for their buckets this year and so I need to remember that next year, or maybe get some bucket things aren't just rolling around in their haphazardly.  Even though Easter grass is annoying and messy, it keeps things in place better.

For Easter Sunday, we had a fancy dinner of Turkey, mashed potatoes, corn, tiny coconut macaroon nests and mini loaves on our own bread boards that we got a few years ago.  They are personalized with a word that describes each family member and I love to use them for Easter to symbolize Jesus as the bread of life.  I cut roses from the yard and used them to decorate...and I was soooo excited about that this year!

We had a great time decorating eggs this year.  Miss B used watercolors, I stamped a few and used some metallic paint for accents. We also used some old silk ties for some amazing results and the boys loved making marbled eggs with oil in the dye.


  1. I like to blog and am so glad you do! They are so fun to read and see all the photos, a bit more personable that facebook or instagram! Looks like you guys had a great Easter, love the baskets!

  2. Oh, Lou, look at you... *sigh* I'm glad you're still blogging. The only blogs I ever read anymore are yours and one other friend of mine. Your blog is like a most intriguing book - well written, fascinating, and loaded with superb ideas. The bread boards are simply clever, clever, clever. And I love the macaroon cookies with easter eggs inside. Oh, Lou. I wish I were you!


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